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100 Trains was originally planned as a single, rather long, personal round-the-world-by-train journey. Over 50,000km on the rails. A journey which would include all of the best railways and trains in the world. A very detailed journey that was 18 months in the planning.

I set out from Glasgow (on the world-famous West Highland Railway) on Monday 12 August 2013. However, due to a worsening medical condition, the journey was abandoned in Novosibirsk, Siberia. After completing over 21,000 km. So not bad going.

The highlight of the original attempt was, without doubt, the Inlandsbanan in Sweden.

UPDATE: March 2015

Now, after 17 months of being poked and prodded by a never-ending procession of head-scratching medical professionals, a diagnosis of my health condition has still to be made. Other than "it is evidently a very rare condition". No Shit, Sherlock!

Recently though, symptoms have worsened to the extent that, if I ever want to complete this journey (and there is nothing I want more) then it has become a case of "Now or Never" - while there is still some communication between my brain & legs.

Tim White and myself (left) on the Kyle Line on Day 1 of the original trip.

Not exactly what I'd planned (but life's like that I suppose). The enforced change of plans does have one major benefit though:

When I was originally planning the best route to take, there was one area where I had two options. Eastern Europe to Asia. And I wanted to do both (but the logistics of the trip meant that I could only do one or the other). The northern route, the one I ended up following, meant a journey on the fabled Trans-Siberian Railway (a lifelong dream of mine). The southern route, through Turkey and Iran, which was just as appealing, only narrowly missed out when I had to choose between them.

Now though? I will return by the southern route - and experience both routes after all :)

Every cloud....

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