The 100 Trains Global Walk'n'Roll.
50,000km RTW for charity. By train.

100 Trains. THE global charity event of 2016.

What? A 50,000km train journey around the world. With a number of charity walks, and rolls (for wheelchair users), along the route.

Why? To raise vital research funds for Ataxia UK, and as a vehicle to unite ataxia sufferers, supporters and charities worldwide.

The journey is due start on the 23rd of January next year, with a Walk'n'Roll through Hyde Park in London (my 50th birthday - and I can't think of a better way of marking the occasion). Everyone, whether in a wheelchair or not, is invited to join me for a gentle stroll through the park.

A wee bit of history.

Tim White and myself (left) on the Kyle Line, on Day 1 of the original journey.

I first attempted this journey in 2013. For my own travelling pleasure on that occasion. The original journey, a lifelong dream of mine, was 18 months in the planning.

I was reasonably able-bodied at the start of the journey, in Glasgow, Scotland (although I was already aware that something "wasn't quite right" healthwise).

However, on reaching Novosibirsk in Siberia on the Trans-Siberian Express, after 21,000km had been completed (rail kilometres), I became rather ill and returned home.

21,000km. Not bad going really.

After returning to Scotland, it took a never-ending stream of doctors and neurologists almost 2 years to identify the cause of my illness. And it wasn't good news.

I myself am suffering from a form of ataxia. Late onset Spinocerebellar Ataxia in my case.

Ataxia? Never heard of it? Neither had I. And we're not alone. Around 91% of the UK population have never heard of it either (one of my aims for this journey, is to put a huge dent in that 91% figure!).

So now I will attempt the entire 50,000km journey again. Only this time, I'll also be taking part in fundraising walks in the cities visited. I'm now making this wee trip to raise vital research funds for Ataxia UK (the national ataxia charity in the UK), and to unite ataxia sufferers and supporters worldwide (there has already been a lot of interest in this journey from around the globe).

The photograph is of me sitting on top of a mountain on Mallorca 3 years ago (yes, they have mountains on Mallorca). Just 3 years!

My days of walking in the mountains are well gone now though. Today, it is all that I can do to put one foot in front of the other.

And this is what is so important to realise/understand: Ataxia can strike down anyone. At any time.

So what is this "ataxia"?

Don't worry if you've never heard of ataxia before. Until quite recently, I'd never heard of it either (just like 91% of the UK population).

Ataxia is a rare genetic condition. It affects communication between the brain and body. The ability to walk is first to go. Then speech/swallowing, sight and hearing. And then the ability to live at all.

There is currently no cure (although Ataxia UK are funding the very hard work that is being done to find one).

And worse still, ataxia is a progressive condition. Meaning that affects only gets worse with each passing day.

So while I still can, I will (with your very kind support of course!).

The best description that I've heard is: "Ataxia. It's like Multiple Sclerosis ganged up with Parkinson's, and played a dirty trick on Cerebral Palsy".

So. Not very nice then.

And because ataxia is a lot rarer than it's more well-known big brothers, fundraising events are rarer too. But sadly, ataxia is no more fun to have.

Ataxia UK

Ataxia UK is the national charity for ataxia in the UK. They are working very hard to find a cure for one, or all, ataxias by 2020.

They are very confident that this cure will be found (their 2020 Vision). 2020 might be a wee bit too late for me personally though. But I've seen and met children in wheelchairs who are also affected by ataxia - and it breaks my heart to think that future children will also suffer from a condition that could be totally preventable.

All of this research costs money though. And Ataxia UK rely on donations to fund this research. So every penny that I can raise is much-needed.

A cure WILL be found. Of that I am sure. Research funds just need to be found first.

So please support the 100 Trains Global Walk'n'Roll in any way that you can. Thank you!

100 Trains. Be part of it.
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